Our Mission

We at Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Corporation seek to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for all of our residents. To this end, we are committed to providing special programs and supportive services for our elderly residents to promote and prolong their continued independence.

Our History

Westfield Senior Citizens Housing, located at 1133 Boynton Avenue, Westfield, NJ, was planned and built by the Westfield Senior Citizens Housing Corporation (non-profit). The facility was under discussion and planned for over ten years, and evolved from efforts by several Westfield churches and a series of study committees appointed by and reporting to Mayors of the Town. Construction of the 172 unit complex commenced in September of 1976.

Second Westfield Senior Citizens Housing opened in October 1995 and was developed under the Westfield Senior Citizens Urban Renewal Partnership. It is comprised of 131 rental units.

Our Staff

Westfield I Staff

  • Administration Office


  • Office Manager

    908-233-5898 ext 110

  • Activities Director

    908-233-5898 ext 112

  • Maintenance

    908-233-5898 ext 115

  • Social Worker

    908-233-5898 ext 114

  • Occupancy Office

    908-233-5898 ext 121

Westfield II Staff

  • Administration Office


  • Administrative Assistant

    908-518-9586 ext 212

  • Activities Director

    908-518-9586 ext 213

  • Maintenance

    908-518-9586 ext 214

  • Social Worker

    908-518-9586 ext 216

  • Occupancy Office

    908-518-9586 ext 210

Board of Trustees

Margaret Blanco

John Duffy

Tim Herzog

John Lesher

Bruce E. Long

Ray Lucas

Rosemary Millet

John Mount

Thomas Quinn

Gerald Robinson

Lenore C. Scurry

Matthew J. Sheehy

Neil Sullivan